Monday, July 26, 2010


As they get older, this band keeps getting looser and louder.  Released as a digital single, Caravan serves as a preview of their upcoming album and is a great example of late era Rush.  Cohesive melodies, loud guitars, nice showcases for each band member but especially a now 58 year old Neil Peart kicking holy ass on the drums.  Recommended.

Thomas Dolby

His new EP came out a month or so ago and it is well worth your time.  Only three tracks, but all surprisingly good.  Track 2, The Toadlickers, in particular is quite a piece of work.  I will admit that the album had to grow on me because I was hoping for a more electronic feel, but after a few listens it will not leave my brain.  This is organic, rootsy music.  Amerikana is the name of the collection, the first of three to be released this year.  You can find it here.

Golf update.

Six rounds and counting this year, so I’m off to a good start.  The Adams irons are working out well, and I have filled out my bag with older new clubs.  If you don’t mind buying last year’s model, golf is really not that expensive.  My driver and 3 wood were on clearance.  My wedges were on  My hybrids came from eBay.  My putter was an inexpensive Wilson.  All told I have spent less money than I got for selling my older stuff, so it’s worked out well.  A club fitting will be next and then at least one lesson before the summer ends.  I’m still enjoying it, even though it means getting up on either side of 6 AM on weekends to play and get home before the kids take their naps.  So far, it’s working out really well.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New-to-me clubs

It’s been over a year since my last golf post.  Sadly, I have not accomplished much since.  C has joined our family and that has taken up most of my time.  Between preparing for him and taking care of both kids upon his arrival the bulk of my time is spoken for these days.  The last month or so has seen my schedule open up a bit and I am itching to get back to it.

I finally sold the Pings.  I lost interest in refurbishing them and just became disenchanted with them in general.  I did buy a boxed Wilson set but returned it without playing it.  I’ve been searching for some good clubs to learn on and today I picked up some original Adams Idea irons for $100, which felt like a good deal.  I have two weeks to decide which is a nice impetus to get to the range a lot in the ensuing days.  More to come…

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy week

…for music at least.  New releases from Steve Hackett, Rush, Jeff Beck, and Thomas Dolby all found me at once.  This week starts a series where I will review them track by track because they are all worthy of such attention.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Full Circle

My fancy dancy firewire audio interface crapped out on me recently.  This coincided with my 11 year old nephew picking up the bass guitar and wanting to record for the first time.  What to do…

In the bottom of my closet lay the answer:  my old Tascam 424 MKIII which had been gathering dust for about 5 years.  My brother had found another 4 track at a garage sale for around $20 recently so in this way the stars had aligned themselves and put us on course to the post office with our analog magnetic tapes in hand.  Snail mail and cassettes.  In 2010.  Whodathunkit.

So far it’s worked out nicely.  This old workhorse is maxed out by my drum kit.  All six channels are filled with percussive delights, all going to one track.  There is a lot of prep work involved because whatever I put down is there for good, no going back and fixing anything unless I want to replay the whole tune.  This is a really fun way to work and very much more enjoyable than screwing around with my computer.  Turn it on, music goes in, turn it off.

The setup is simple.  Track one is the backing track, usually a recording of a song we are trying to learn.  Track 2 is me.  Track 3 is the boy.  Track 4 is my brother.  I put down the backing and myself and mail it off to Tejas.

No doubt one of these days they’ll mail one back.