Saturday, September 13, 2008


Since I now am a happy daddy, buying new equipment is not going to happen. I alternate between selling everything and getting the most out of it, and this post involves the latter. To the best of my recollection, here's what I have:

*Moog Little Phatty
*Hohner Pianet T
*Johnson J-Station
*Ross Flanger
*Ross Phaser
*Boss Bass Flanger
*MXR Distortion+
*Alesis Multimix 16
*Pearl Drum-X module
*Peavey ED-300 amp
*Roland Microcube amp
*Roland KD-7 Kick Drum pad
*Roland KD-5 Kick Drum pad
*Roland FD-8 Hihat pedal
*Roland CY-8 Cymbal pad
*Slingerland drums
*Paiste/Sabian Cymbals
*Yamaha RHP-80 pads
*Yamaha RHP-120SD pad
*Yamaha Drum Rack
*OLP MM1 Electric Guitar
*Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
*Various microphones

Hrmm. I think that's it. At a glance, I'd love to get rid of all my electronic drum stuff, along with that Peavey amp. Everything else still has its place. For now.

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Anonymous said...

Was searching for Yamaha RHP pads and found your blog mentioning the RHP-120SD + RHP-80 pads. Couldn't find an email address, so decided to post a message here. If they are available for sale, please let me know @ if you get a chance. Thanks and hope you have a great weekend!