Thursday, September 11, 2008


We got out before it hit. Spent the week in north Louisiana and missed most of the carnage that followed. By the time we returned, the power in our area was restored and the gas lines were short to nonexistent. Food has been a problem though. The grocery stores are still opening late and closing early for the most part and there isn't much to choose from when you go. The staples are there, so it's a hamburger helper lovefest these days.

Overall, we were pretty lucky. We had more than one family member willing to take us in when we fled, unlike some folks. Our house sustained little damage, just a few broken shingles, when some friends had trees destroy their home. We had power restored the day we returned and cable the day after, while some friends are still without power. So we did OK.

I'm tired of hurricanes. Katrina and Gustav have changed Baton Rouge. New Orleans gets the press, sure, but the impact on BR and its surrounding areas is undeniable. Who knows what the ultimate fallout of this one will be? For now, everyone is really tired and either ill or feeling that they will be soon.

We did the right thing for once by evacuating before it got bad. If not for Emma, we probably would have stayed as we did for Katrina. Living in the middle of nowhere in north Louisiana for a week just drove home what I miss about being there. It's not much different, but it feels so in a way I can't really articulate. I miss it a lot.

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