Thursday, August 21, 2008


I own a lot of technology, most of which I seldom use these days... My Moog, Pianet T, Yamaha edrums, Alesis recording interface have all been gathering dust since the baby was born. When I have time, all I want to do is play my good old acoustic drums. That's just the way it is. Every now and again I look over my possessions and attempt to simplify. What is it that I am actually using? Macbook: every day. Xbox: every day. Nikon: at least once a week. Flip video: a few times a month. Outside of those things, everything else is a paperweight. Some things, like my old videogames, I keep for sentimental reasons, but even those are just taking up space. Even so, there are some devices that I think would make my life easier and that I'm pretty sure would not end up on the dust pile:

1. Iphone 3G. I never bought an ipod. I have had the same crappy cellphone for more than three years. I am intrigued by the media features (great for showing off baby pics!) and I don't want to carry around more than one device. It's pricy, and seems to have a shitload of problems right now, so I'm waiting until the smoke clears to jump...

2. Kindle. I love big expensive hardback books. Rather than doing away with those, I see the Kindle as replacing my paperbacks, which would save shelf space in my house (always at a premium) as well as allow me to read one-handed while holding the little one. As of now, reading is impossible with her in my arms, even sleeping. It's just too awkward. Being able to turn pages with one hand is the main draw here. As it stands now, I can only read when I am alone, which is pretty much never these days. Price is the main problem here, too, but it keeps going down. Maybe by Christmas...

Hrmm... seems like there was one more. Oh, well. Maybe it'll come to me.

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suz said...

Let me know if the burden of having those video games gets to be too much.
I'm here for you, man.