Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am an unashamed Journey fan. Have been since I was a kid, and I have followed the band through their many attempts to get moving again after Steve Perry vacated the front man position. Yesterday they released a new album, Revelation, with yet another new singer, Arnel Pineda. They are getting a lot of mileage with the press out of that guy's rags to riches story, which is fine... The good news is that anyone who caught them on the telly and decides to give their new CD a chance is in for a treat. I've liked bits and pieces of their post-Perry work, but this one is a step above anything they've done in at least ten years. Pineda brings it. It's as simple as that. He sings his balls off, and the rest of the band sound like they are trying to match his enthusiasm which is something they have been lacking for a long time. Damn good.

Monday, June 2, 2008

late spring cleaning

I just finished shredding ten years worth of detritus and am left with a short list of creative projects that have languished for many years. I have a bad habit of saving every scrap of paper I have ever written a phrase or drawn a stick figure on and my next step has to be to brutally weed this accumulated mass. What am I keeping them for?

I imagine that buried in all the shit is the germ of a good idea. If I am especially lucky, maybe two. It's time to find out. Not only to find out but to take the next step... which is the recurring theme of this thing.