Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rest in Peace...

From Variety:

Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience..., was found dead Wednesday morning in a hotel room in Portland, Ore. He was 61.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Since I now am a happy daddy, buying new equipment is not going to happen. I alternate between selling everything and getting the most out of it, and this post involves the latter. To the best of my recollection, here's what I have:

*Moog Little Phatty
*Hohner Pianet T
*Johnson J-Station
*Ross Flanger
*Ross Phaser
*Boss Bass Flanger
*MXR Distortion+
*Alesis Multimix 16
*Pearl Drum-X module
*Peavey ED-300 amp
*Roland Microcube amp
*Roland KD-7 Kick Drum pad
*Roland KD-5 Kick Drum pad
*Roland FD-8 Hihat pedal
*Roland CY-8 Cymbal pad
*Slingerland drums
*Paiste/Sabian Cymbals
*Yamaha RHP-80 pads
*Yamaha RHP-120SD pad
*Yamaha Drum Rack
*OLP MM1 Electric Guitar
*Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
*Various microphones

Hrmm. I think that's it. At a glance, I'd love to get rid of all my electronic drum stuff, along with that Peavey amp. Everything else still has its place. For now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We got out before it hit. Spent the week in north Louisiana and missed most of the carnage that followed. By the time we returned, the power in our area was restored and the gas lines were short to nonexistent. Food has been a problem though. The grocery stores are still opening late and closing early for the most part and there isn't much to choose from when you go. The staples are there, so it's a hamburger helper lovefest these days.

Overall, we were pretty lucky. We had more than one family member willing to take us in when we fled, unlike some folks. Our house sustained little damage, just a few broken shingles, when some friends had trees destroy their home. We had power restored the day we returned and cable the day after, while some friends are still without power. So we did OK.

I'm tired of hurricanes. Katrina and Gustav have changed Baton Rouge. New Orleans gets the press, sure, but the impact on BR and its surrounding areas is undeniable. Who knows what the ultimate fallout of this one will be? For now, everyone is really tired and either ill or feeling that they will be soon.

We did the right thing for once by evacuating before it got bad. If not for Emma, we probably would have stayed as we did for Katrina. Living in the middle of nowhere in north Louisiana for a week just drove home what I miss about being there. It's not much different, but it feels so in a way I can't really articulate. I miss it a lot.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I own a lot of technology, most of which I seldom use these days... My Moog, Pianet T, Yamaha edrums, Alesis recording interface have all been gathering dust since the baby was born. When I have time, all I want to do is play my good old acoustic drums. That's just the way it is. Every now and again I look over my possessions and attempt to simplify. What is it that I am actually using? Macbook: every day. Xbox: every day. Nikon: at least once a week. Flip video: a few times a month. Outside of those things, everything else is a paperweight. Some things, like my old videogames, I keep for sentimental reasons, but even those are just taking up space. Even so, there are some devices that I think would make my life easier and that I'm pretty sure would not end up on the dust pile:

1. Iphone 3G. I never bought an ipod. I have had the same crappy cellphone for more than three years. I am intrigued by the media features (great for showing off baby pics!) and I don't want to carry around more than one device. It's pricy, and seems to have a shitload of problems right now, so I'm waiting until the smoke clears to jump...

2. Kindle. I love big expensive hardback books. Rather than doing away with those, I see the Kindle as replacing my paperbacks, which would save shelf space in my house (always at a premium) as well as allow me to read one-handed while holding the little one. As of now, reading is impossible with her in my arms, even sleeping. It's just too awkward. Being able to turn pages with one hand is the main draw here. As it stands now, I can only read when I am alone, which is pretty much never these days. Price is the main problem here, too, but it keeps going down. Maybe by Christmas...

Hrmm... seems like there was one more. Oh, well. Maybe it'll come to me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am an unashamed Journey fan. Have been since I was a kid, and I have followed the band through their many attempts to get moving again after Steve Perry vacated the front man position. Yesterday they released a new album, Revelation, with yet another new singer, Arnel Pineda. They are getting a lot of mileage with the press out of that guy's rags to riches story, which is fine... The good news is that anyone who caught them on the telly and decides to give their new CD a chance is in for a treat. I've liked bits and pieces of their post-Perry work, but this one is a step above anything they've done in at least ten years. Pineda brings it. It's as simple as that. He sings his balls off, and the rest of the band sound like they are trying to match his enthusiasm which is something they have been lacking for a long time. Damn good.

Monday, June 2, 2008

late spring cleaning

I just finished shredding ten years worth of detritus and am left with a short list of creative projects that have languished for many years. I have a bad habit of saving every scrap of paper I have ever written a phrase or drawn a stick figure on and my next step has to be to brutally weed this accumulated mass. What am I keeping them for?

I imagine that buried in all the shit is the germ of a good idea. If I am especially lucky, maybe two. It's time to find out. Not only to find out but to take the next step... which is the recurring theme of this thing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taking stock...

I am an artist that hasn't finished a comic in eight years.

I am a drummer who hasn't drummed in 2 months.

I am a songwriter who has never finished a song.

I am a gamer who never finishes any games.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

append to last entry:

oh, and I get to keep that old SC-750a warhorse of a case in action. Good times.

screw wireless

After trying to budget and figure out if I needed G, A, or N wireless, I spent $14 today and ran a cable through my wall to connect my Media Center PC and Xbox 360. Works like a damn charm. Thanks to Jess's dad, it looks good, too. This is something I have wanted to do since we moved into the house, and it feels good to finally be done. The media server and wireless printer are safely tucked away in their own closet , with a cat6 connection to my router. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally! Some things to write about or things about which to write or...

When I last posted I was but a man... now I have become one of the wretched and sleep deprived parents of the world, with a lovely daughter to dote on and love all my days. Nice work if you can get it, but this sort of forum is all about the naval gazing and I feel that must continue. To that end:

I have a homebuilt computer in an enormous Supermicro SC-750 tower that has had little to do since November of '06 (pronounced aught six) when I purchased my Macbook Pro. Igor became my studio workhorse, which lasted for a while, but the 'book soon took over those chores as well, leaving him in a lurch really. For the past year he has been little more than a doorstop.

Tivo's monthly fees have finally changed all that. In an effort to thwart yet another attempt to nickel and dime my monthly income away, I decided to turn Igor into a Media Center PC. This has worked out surprisingly well. Igor is a Pentium IV 2.4 ghz which is fairly low end for a Vista box, but he's performing like a chance. Even if he sometimes forgets he has a monitor connected (he is 5 years old... well, parts of him are 10!)...

Overall though, mission accomplished. Tivo functionality for the price of a TV PCI card. None too shabby. Now if I could just figure out which protocol to use when I update my wireless network...

Friday, January 18, 2008


You Are 66% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.