Monday, December 10, 2007

The Rentals

Not sure why (my guess is the Moog) but I am all about the Rentals these days. I have been listening to the debut and the EP nonstop, and have taught myself to play Friends of P on my Little Phatty (not as dirty as it sounds), which is quite an accomplishment, as it represents the first time I have picked out and played a melody by ear. A simple melody, sure, but I'm still pretty excited by the prospect.

Last night I took it further and worked out the violin part on my M-tron, then managed to switch back and forth between the two when necessary. It sounds really good, and the rest of the song is easy enough that I may record all this just to prove I can.

The main thing is that I'm playing again after about six months of nothing. Pretty exciting!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

vaguely disturbing...

saw a school bus driver talking on her cellphone behind the wheel yesterday...

from a press conference Tuesday...

THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute, that's not a diss on the front row, is it?

Q Not at all, sir.