Monday, October 29, 2007


I have a running bet with a friend. We are both creative people who are inherently lazy and can't seem to get anything done anymore outside of work, and we both say we want that to change. So by June 30, 2008, we shall each have created a good example of our particular interests: a five minute or so animated short for me... a painting or two from her. I suppose the key here is that it should be something we are actually proud of and not just crap we threw together to meet the deadline. I have started my usual gathering of tools that is the standard accompaniment of these endeavors. To that end I now possess the following:

Photoshop CS3 (for backgrounds and various visual manipulations)

Toonboom Studio 4.0 (the nuts and bolts animation software I will be utilizing)

Painter 8.0 (for experiments and possible limited rotoscoping)

A variety of reference books (to facilitate the actual process of animation)

A Wacom tablet (to draw the damn thing)

Aside from Photoshop, these are things I have owned for years (almost ten years for the Wacom) and have used almost never. (Except the books. I do love to read me some books.) It's fascinating to me how I pretty much have acquired everything I set out to acquire when I sat down in 1999 and decided what was necessary to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. Never mind that a pencil and piece of paper would probably work just as well. My lizard brain would have none of that. (Though a pencil and paper is where this project will start without a doubt.)

I guess the point here is that I am out of excuses. I have everything I could possibly need to make this thing happen. As usual with these pep talks I have with myself it comes down to an idea and my execution being the deciding factors.

Let's see where I am in eight months.