Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another new addition...

Please welcome a Hohner Pianet T to my growing collection of keyboards. He joins his big brother (Little Phatty) in a steadily shrinking recording room. Isn't he cute?

Monday, May 7, 2007

new things

I have decided to simplify. I have been selling equipment I don't use anymore on ebay in an effort just to clear house. It's working. Along these lines, I am looking at what I have and what I actually use. Simplicity is definitely the order of the day, so more stuff will go before it's over. At the end, the house will be less cluttered, and with any luck, so will my process for creating.

I am debating on whether or not to buy another 4 track cassette recorder. I was almost convinced I should, but last night I just used my laptop and Garageband and got more done than I have in months. A small mixer would help, just so I wouldn't have to plug and unplug and replug, but it's not necessary. So my choice might be made. I would like to pick one up on the cheap to transfer my old tapes, but I'm not sure there's much on them worth saving really. For working, GB is probably the way forward.

Last night was the beginning of my next project. I completed an EP a while ago. It was a short collection of instrumental tracks. I think it came to around 11 minutes and it sounds pretty rough, but there are ideas on there that I really like, and I wanted to get them out. Even if it's in the extremely limited fashion of a few burned CDs to close friends, that music has been released. So I can let myself move on to other things.

Doing just that I spent the last year trying to join/start a band, and out of a half dozen false starts, partially succeeded twice in finding projects that were musically challenging and satisfying. Both of those imploded after a couple months and took with them my desire to try again. So now I am not playing drums. I just have no desire to play at all.

It will come back. In the meantime, I am concentrating on other instruments and voice. This new project will reflect that. I am using my Moog synth, an old Roland sampler for drums, my acoustic guitar, and my fake mellotron and nothing else. On top of these, I am attempting to sing, but I am a long way from happy with the results. Maybe that will change. No one else will hear it if it doesn't.

I have a list of songs I want to try. I will hopefully add one or two of my own. This is doable, and should be fun, if last night is any indication. As always, playing music for myself first. Covers maybe, but no compromises.