Monday, December 18, 2006

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

itinerary - updated 12/18/2006

12/8: Thomas Dolby, Houston - GREAT show. Watched him from the front of the stage, about eight feet away, if that.

12/11: Thomas Dolby, New Orleans - SKIPPED. The only way it could have been better than the Houston show is if he played Airwaves or I Love you, Goodbye, which he didn't.

12/16: Zappa plays Zappa, Dallas OR 12/18 New Orleans - Dallas didn't happen, of course, and New Orleans was sold out...

1/29: Lindsay Buckingham, New Orleans

1/30: John Mayer, Baton Rouge - SOLD OUT

yep. as long as my compadres don't drop out on me, I should be pretty busy for the next month or two. here's hoping!