Sunday, October 29, 2006

More tech stuff...

Well, this is the last lap for my G3 powerbook. She's been very useful over the last year, but I am no longer satisfied with circa 2000 technology. The portable is now my primary computer, and in that capacity, I need more.

So I took the plunge. Head first.

Sometime within the next week, my shiny new Macbook Pro will arrive and I will rejoin the modern world. Huzzah!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good ol' XP...

Well, after around 2 1/2 years of faithful service, I am reinstalling Windows XP on my primary machine. It's been so long since I had to do this that I don't even know where all my driver discs and such are anymore. I have been considering an upgrade to Media Center, and this would be a good time for that, but I'll pass for now. Why?

Because since June I have been trying to record audio on my lil Pismo, and she just hasn't been able to handle it. It took a long time for me to decide on an interface for my studio, and my choice was partly made due to Alesis's assurances that a G3 Powerbook could handle what I wanted to do. It couldn't. After some initial success, I have been able to record nothing for a frustrating four months now. Enough.

My homebuilt P4 has found a new home in my shed, as it becomes the muscle behind my studio. A clean XP install is probably unnecessary, but it feels right, if only to clean off a good four years of crud from my system drive. It handles my audio needs with aplomb, or it did before this reinstall, so my troubles should be over. That would be nice.

In the last 19 months, I have progressed from a cassette four track, which broke as soon as it's warranty expired (but it's not broken! it doesn't work. at all. but tascam tech support says it does, so i must be imagining things...) to a laptop based studio that was wholly unreliable, to my current setup which will hopefully enable me to make music again.

I'm not sure I remember what that feels like...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

disappointment tempered with material goods...

Wow. Mastodon is amazing. I may be late to this party, but I love this band. Blood Mountain is a fantastic album, and I will be picking up Leviathan next surely. Very inspiring stuff.

PT's DVD, however, kind of sucks. It plays like a very longform video, with no indication that it is actually LIVE. It's all very pretty to look at, but extremely lifeless for that reason. Musically, it's fine, but I should want to WATCH it, and I don't. It may as well be a studio recording, which is fine and dandy, but rather boring after a while. Disappointing.

Thankfully I have other things to occupy me, not least of which is volume one of
Ultimate Sandman. Delicious!

Monday, October 9, 2006

Passing the time...

I have been planning to recover my Slingerland kit for years now, at least since '99, but could never bring myself to bite the bullet and start the project. That's about to change. I picked up that five piece kit in a pawn shop a long time ago. It had a slightly marred lacquer finish then, and playing shows without bags or cases only served to damage them further. They still sound great, but I am ready for something new. Recently, I perused a variety of new drums, but never found one that sounded as good to me as these, although that Yamaha kit in Houston was spectacular. So, reconditioning these has become my preferred option. Having made the choice, I picked up a couple of smaller toms on ebay to augment the kit, and am in the process of upgrading the hardware. When I am done, this will be a fully modern kit, with that same mindblowing sound these shells provide.

The next issue is whether or not to do the job myself. There are two methods for refinishing drums, tape and glue. Tape is easier, and widely used, but I have seen two of my kits with taped finishes buckle in the Louisiana heat, so glue it is. Given my inexperience, I will rework a couple of my snare drums to get a feel for the technique first. If those go well, I will then wrap my smaller kit. After those, I feel I will be ready for the real deal.

And, it'll give me something to do that doesn't involve sitting in front of damn computer...

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

bon of a sitch!

Lindsey Buckingham released a new album today!!! And Porcupine Tree have a live DVD coming out!!! And Journey is coming to New Orleans!!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006