Wednesday, October 5, 2005

on the same note...

It is really appalling that just because Densmore has chosen to not cash in his integrity to go from RICH to RICHER, he is made to feel like a fool by everyone around him. Performing with the surviving members is one thing... as sad and pathetic these retread acts can be, there is still something to be said for this music to live again through the fingers of the original members, rather than the myriad cover bands who ply their trade every night, taking gigs from those who actually contribute something to the art. That might be a little harsh, but the fact remains that the whole "music as a commodity" idea is destroying good music. Even the best new bands are barely one step removed from their influences, because the unfamiliar bothers people. Yes, it is nice to have lots and lots of people come see you perform, and maybe the idea that everyone should write their own material is a ridiculous assertion left over from the Beatles-era bands, but damn it, isn't it better to build an audience that appreciates what you do and really finds meaning in your music, than to have to do bullshit irony and please a crowd of drunks who could give a shit who you are as long as you play something they've heard before?

I can understand his hesitance to stand onstage with a singer who is not Jim Morrison, the man who defined the Doors, whether the other members agree or not. It is so much more difficult to move forward than it is to rest on past successes... I have no love for what the boomer generation has done for this country, and what their nostalgic dollars have done to musicians, but I have respect for someone who can turn down cash just because he doesn't need anymore, and because of a promise he made to a friend almost 40 years ago.

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