Sunday, July 24, 2005

As it happens...

Posting here is fast becoming a monthly event. I suppose that's OK, since all of about three people read it. Better to have something to write about than free associate daily, I suppose.

I had a hell of a score on ebay this month. Picked up a G3 Powerbook and a Simmons SDS-9 module, but the main event was an old Pearl Drum-X kit circa 1985. Basically a rip off of the original Simmons SDS-V (the granddaddy of electronic drums), this thing sounds incredible. One-dimensional, yes, but I love that sound. I ended up with a complete kit, with hardware, module, and even a fantastic amplifier for only a few hundred dollars. I am amazed by this deal. This is pro-level stuff, and still works perfectly after twenty years. Needless to say, my edrum needs are more than met, and equipment-wise, my studio is about 90% there.

Started my new job this month also. I have left computer support behind and am back in the library field once more. Two weeks in, it feels really good. Not much else to say about it yet, though my commute can barely be called that anymore, which is a nice bonus.

My wireless setup at home is giving me some trouble lately, but that's mainly due to a non-Airport Mac setup. Checking my email from my outlying studio works pretty well, and is a nice geeky thrill. No, it doesn't take much.