Tuesday, June 28, 2005


DVDs bought in the last two days:

King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open
King Crimson - Neal and Jack and Me
Billy Cobham - The Glass Menagerie
Queen - On Fire at the Bowl
The Cardigans - Live in London
Sting - Bring on the Night
Marvin Gaye - Live in Montreux 1980

Also nabbed a mint VHS of

Men at Work - Live in San Francisco... or Was It Berkeley?

So, yes, I am buying concerts like there is no tomorrow, and of course, two that I really want are out of print, and very popular on the ebay. Strangely enough, they both feature Bill Bruford. Speaking of which, the Crimson DVDs are incredible... though Billy only features in one of them. The other Billy listed above, Cobham, is a fantastic drummer. But that disc blows, because it is a prime example of toothless fusion shit from the late 70s - early 80s. How did so many great players get caught up in that stuff? How could they listen back and say "damn, that is some kind of good"? Anyway...

The Crim discs are two concerts each, NJM from the '82-'84 period, and EWO from '00-'04. The set on the earlier shows was much stronger, but both are very instructive.

Haven't had a chance to watch the others yet, though I saw the Sting video way back when it first arrived. It was $8, so not too bad of a deal. I have high hopes for the others. More reviews as I knock them down.

I also picked up the Thing, which is one I've wanted for a while. If anyone cares, the great quest to watch the 100 greatest movies has long since been abandoned, because I would rather play guitar. I'm just not that into movies these days, though I did manage to catch Land of the Dead. Sadly, it wasn't really good or bad, just kind of blah. I like Romero's movies because they are usually very unsettling in some way, but this one just sat there. 90 minutes is pretty short to do anything other than hit the plot points, and that's more or less all it did. Disappointing.

[Listening to: Wound - Smashing Pumpkins - Machina/ The Machines of God]