Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's you that's driving me mad

After three months of driving everyone around me crazy, I finally made a decision on how to outfit the studio and purchased a cassette four track recorder. This may be the last one they make geared to someone who is serious about this stuff, which is disheartening, as digital remains a bit too expensive in my opinion. To go digital I would have to buy a PC to run my VST synths, a firewire interface or a stand alone digital recorder, and then software and mics. With the tape, I can just buy the mics and get a low end computer to run my VST stuff. No matter how I figured it, I come out about $500 ahead with tape. Cassettes are getting expensive, but they are reasonable enough, and I've enjoyed the immediacy of hitting a button to record rather than mousing here and there. The other side of it is, my life pretty much revolves around computers, and it will be nice to not rely on one for at least one thing I enjoy.

[Listening to: I Would Find You - Journey - Next]

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