Thursday, March 24, 2005

I should be off work today...

There are days when I really enjoy what I do for a living, and then there are plenty of others when I wish I had followed the other path: music. The lifestyle is what scared me off. I seldom drink and don't smoke, so playing in bars is really a chore for me, and I always hated it. I would haul ass as soon as the set was over, and imagine that I will again if I start playing out once more. This causes problems in a band and out of one, because hanging out after the show is what musicians do... I suppose I'm one of the few who would play for free just so I wouldn't have to play anything I don't want to play. More to the point, I have not been in a band for seven years, mainly for that reason. Lately, I have started playing again, with a little more open approach to material I might not choose if it were up to me. The main problem with playing the stuff is that I feel like I am wasting time on bullshit, when I could be working on my own stuff or someone else's original material. Outside of my marriage, the happiest I have ever been is when I am involved in the creation of something new. Not everyone can write songs like Lennon, but the fun, and the payoff, is in the attempt. Damn it.

[Listening to: Boom Ba Ya Ya - Abraxas Pool - Abraxas Pool]

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