Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Happy birthday, Johnny!

My nephew is seven today, which means that he'll be a surly teenager in only 6 more years. In the meantime, he's a hell of a kid, and has already forgotten more about cars than I'll ever know.

As it happens, the studio is finished, and I am two months into the new band. No name or bassist yet, but things are progressing at a clip. We definitely need a singer, though. Currently we have a couple of originals in process, and are playing some Floyd, Santana, etc. I'm trying to push these guys into more interesting territory, as they seem to be most comfortable at mid-tempo blues. We'll see how it goes.

In the month since I updated, my grandfather has made it through his chemo and is slowly improving. My mamaw's operation was an apparent success, but her recovery is giving her no little discomfort. I need to call both of them.

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vaporheart said...

Happy Birthday,Johnny! Hope your grandparents keep getting better!