Friday, January 21, 2005

abbreviated history

My friends and I used to drive to downtown Jonesboro on the weekends and make the loop, as I'm sure those of you from a small town understand. Basically, you drive in long circles all night long and pretend you aren't pathetic. Once, we made our way there on a cloudy night and found that, though it was raining, people were still hanging out. We laughed uproariously and vowed never to be those losers. A year or two went by, and it came to pass that we were standing around on Main Street, and the heavens opened. Not a downpour exactly, but rain nonetheless, and we all just looked at each other. And we stayed. On my way home that night I determined never to repeat that mistake. My friend Rod lived at the end of Main as fate would have it, and the next weekend I made a right instead of a left and drove to see him. This was 1992 or so. Soon after we formulated a plan to make an adventure game...

I bring this up not only to celebrate how chance has played a part in our enduring friendship, but to point out to both of us that thirteen years have gone by and we still don't have that damn game made. This will be the year. Oh, yes. This is it.

[Listening to: One of Our Submarines - Thomas Dolby - Forty]

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El Mucho Roddo said...

I sure hope so. I also hope this is the year that I get off my ass and that the goverment gives me money for school.