Friday, December 17, 2004

Earthtone, I take it all back...

I sit down to play last night and was amazed. I don't know what happened, but I am completely sold on the heads now. It appears that the 72 hour "settling" period is no joke. Three days later, those things sound incredible. But it is not just the sound... they feel so good to play on, and they do not have that plastic "wap" stick attack that I hate so much. On the one hand, I am absolutely thrilled. On the other, though, this is no good at all. These four drumheads cost $100. Their plastic equivalent can be had for less than half that. And I know that I am going to jump off the cliff and put these on the other sides of all my drums as well! Let's figure that up real quick like, shall we:

small kit:

8" tom = $18.99

10" tom = $19.99

12" tom = $24.99

12" snare = $24.99

18" bass = $44.99

large kit:

12" tom = $24.99

13" tom = $26.99

16" tom = $39.99

14" snare = $29.99

22" bass = $59.99

Total = $315.90

Keep in mind, that is only for one side of each drum. Outfitting the resonant sides as well pushes us to $631.80.


Now, to put that in perspective, my small drumkit was $350 new, and my large kit was $400 used. Remember also, that each of those heads will need replacing eventually, too. Lordy! what have I begun?!!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


This is an interesting way to mark time. I cold swear I wrote my game list a week or so ago, but then I realise that Rod has been down twice in that time and it starts to stretch a bit. Moving on...

For the better part of two years I have put off buying Earthtone drumheads, which, because they are made from goatskin, were rumoured to have a sound long forgotten to the modern drummer and his newfangled plastic. I bit hard this week and ordered some. Unsurprisingly, they sound like: plastic drumheads. Only the smallest tom has a nuance I had not detected before. Perhaps a nice surprise will be waiting for me when I get home and they are, after 24 hours or so, acclimated to my home. Anything's possible.

On that same order, I bought the second two tape bank collections for my M-Tron. I am more pleased with these, but the differences between many of the tapes are subtle to the extreme. The newly recorded choirs, however, are magnificent.

Pantera was never a band I listened to much, although I liked what I heard. Events of the past week have caused me, and a few million others, to reassess their body of work. If, now that he has been murdered, Darrell Abbott becomes the sort of legend that those who die in their prime usually become, at least his talent backs it up. Does it ever.

[Listening to: Neurotica - King Crimson - Beat]