Wednesday, October 27, 2004

LPs and such...

I am considering a turntable, because the older I get, the more music I want that never made it to CD or even cassette. I hate vinyl, and have no sentimental attachment to the irritating pops and scratches that make some people so nostalgic for some bygone era. I would much rather the record companies get off their collective asses and digitize their back catalogs. Their COMPLETE back catalogs. The sad truth is, the bulk of that work is probably already destroyed or beyond repair, given that I have bought CDs that sound as though they are converted from the original wax disc. This needs to be done. Living in a world where the only music readily available is the fucking Beatles and a small percentage of those that came after is a scenario that depresses me beyond belief.

[Listening to: Field Work (Tokyo Mix) - Thomas Dolby and Ryuichi Sakamoto]

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